“Follow me as I follow Christ”  is what Paul encouraged to the Corinthian church. Jesus said it to his disciples as well “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” in the gospel of Mark. The commonality in both of those statements? People are encouraged to follow, as long as it’s pointing to Christ.

Students are attracted to your programs, but it’s not what will make them stick. What makes a student stick? Relationships. People connecting with other people as they follow Christ together in community. Today I propose a few ways to connect your students to people, not just your programs:

  1. Campus Ministry: One of the greatest ways to connect students with people and not just programs is to connect with them outside of the programmed time…on their turf. Being on a local middle/high school does just that. You can’t take your Wednesday Night worship service to a local school, but you can send your people there. Get on a campus and connect with the students!
  2. Serving Together: When I think about all the times I have been on mission trips, local service projects, and other service opportunities, the thing that I always remember are the people I shared that experience with. I don’t remember every work project, every orphan I encountered, or every plate of food I helped prepare for the homeless, but I sure do remember the people I got to do it with. Get your leaders connected with students to serve!
  3. Fun: Don’t cut the fun things in your ministry. Get your small groups together to go do a bowling night with one another. Hit up your local go-kart track, putt-putt, movie night, game night, paint ball, dodgeball, head to the lake for the day, do a man-weekend, do a girls night….just do something! Relationships are formed best when laughter is present. These are great platforms for relationships.

Ultimately, all of these things are to connect people with people as they are seeking to follow Christ together in a world that wants to pull them apart. Keep pressing on friends!

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