As a pastor working with families and their kids/students, the question of “Why do you send your kids to ________ school comes up quite frequently.” A laundry list of reasons come to mind when I am personally asked that question. Sometimes I don’t even know where to start. In an ever changing culture in regards to schooling options (public, home school, private, boarding, charter, etc), I personally believe that family dynamics play a massive part in the decision making process of where people send their kids to school. It’s no longer a one size fits all. Therefore, each family must begin to see where their piece of the puzzle fits and how it shapes the longterm goals they have for their kids.

Today, I do not want to give a debate on which I think is the best option. Rather, I would like to propose a set of questions that may serve as a starting block for us to think through as we consider what option is best for our families. I know I will get emails and comments on this post asking me where we send our kids, so to be completely upfront and transparent: we love the option of public schools for our kids right now, which is why they go there.

The following set of questions is in no way exhaustive as I know there are many more that must be asked before you place your child in one of the options. They key here is simple: start asking questions before you start making decisions.

  • As you look for a schooling experience for your kids, what are the top 10 things you are looking for in their education
  • As you look at their schooling experience, what are top 10 things you want to be true of them socially?
  • As a parent, when your student graduates high school, what would be 10 characteristics you want to be true of your child as they head into the next season of life? 
  • How are the first three questions addressed in terms of the following school options. Please list the positives and the roadblocks (I want to emphasize “roadblocks” because I don’t want you to view the other categories in a negative light) that you find each
    • Public School
    • Charter School
    • Private School (Christian)
    • Private School (non-christian)
    • Home School
  • Have you asked an elder/pastor in our church to pray with you as you make this decision? Don’t make this decision in isolation. Ask an elder/pastor to pray alongside of you in this decision. 



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