As we come to the close of 2014, I am thankful for the book recommendations that came my way from other friends and family members. I had some enjoyable and not so enjoyable reads (ps: when you’re reading a book you don’t like…you need to learn to give yourself permission to stop reading the book). Here are a fe that I read this past year that I think every Student Pastor should have in their library at some point.

  • What’s Best Next How The Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done: Let’s be honest, most Student Pastors aren’t necessarily known for their time management. What’s Best Next really helps bring in best practices for the art of getting things accomplished, but gives you an incredible theological framework for the why behind the what. Go ahead and add this one to your Amazon Wish List.
  • The Insanity of Obedience: This is the second book from Nik Ripken, and it pairs up with his first one “The Insanity of God.” If you’re looking to really increase the sending capacity in your student ministry that will have a global impact and have discipleship at the forefront of the movement, you need to read this book. You will be rebuked/encouraged/spurred on in your love for the global church.
  • Artificial Maturity Helping Kids Meet the Challenge of Becoming Authentic Adults: WOW! Tim Elmore really puts the plow to the ground in this book and helps the reader really grasp some of the problems we have in our culture with the way we are raising up the next generation, but he also provides some great solutions on how to fix the problems. BUY THIS BOOK!
  • Jesus Continued Why the Spirit Inside You is Better Than Jesus Beside You: Real talk here…most student pastors are afraid to talk about the Holy Spirit. We’re not quite sure we’ll get the illustration correct on how to explain him, or better yet…we’re not really sure we understand him! Pastor J.D. really sets out in this book to help us better understand the beauty of the Holy Spirit, how he operates inside of us, leads us, and how he has gifted us. This book will give you as a Student Pastor a better personal grasp on the Spirit of God and in turn help you communicate the truths of God better.
  • The Heart of Leadership Becoming a Leader People Want to Follow: I’ve read a lot of great books on leadership in the past few years; this one is by far one of the best. Mark Miller (Executive at Chick-Fil-A and loves Jesus!) sets out in this book to really work on what he calls the neglected 90% of the leader…leadership character. I don’t want to spoil this book for you, so do yourself a favor and go buy it, read it, underline, highlight, blog, etc.. It’s an easy readYou will not regret purchasing this book.

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