I had the privilege of preaching this past weekend with my church family here at The Summit Church. The message came out of Luke 5:17-26. Here is a recap of the message in 7 tweetable statements. Thanks for allowing me to share God’s word with you, Summit Church!

  • Have we become great cheerleaders rather than great contributors to the mission of God?
  • Don’t always look for the open door. Sometimes when the door is shut, you need to dig a hole in the roof.
  • Great movements don’t always start with the masses, they often start with one. Who’s your one?
  • Jesus’ greatest concern is the internal posture of the heart not the external circumstance.
  • Jesus often gives us more than we bargain for. Don’t settle for the mundane when he offers the miraculous.
  • The gospel transforms the mind, changes the heart, and moves the feet. As he has been to me, so I will be to others.
  • Is one really following if they aren’t fishing? It’s time to stop talking about fishing and start casting our nets.

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