We send our best. It’s a fun, attractive and yet difficult truth that we hold to at The Summit. It’s hit home to me in our Student Ministry several times. Let me share with you one of those occasions.

A few years ago, I was introduced to a young man that was living in France doing mission work and was making a transition for a season to come home and finish school. I interviewed him over SKYPE, fell in love with his vision for discipleship, his heart for the nations, and his personality. For a couple of years, Aaron Boswell served faithfully in our student ministry helping us launch one of our most strategic programs for discipleship; small groups.

At the time, we were just coming off of being a student ministry that only met on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights and we really had a vision to see our students meeting in small groups throughout the week. I needed to hire a guy that loved discipleship and had at the core of his DNA a church planter mentality. We wanted to plant small groups, and when they reached a certain size, plant some more. Our desire was to reproduce leadership and groups for discipleship to take place effectively in RDU among teenagers. It happened, and Aaron played a huge part in getting that off the ground.

Now, several years later, Aaron is doing incredible things for the Kingdom of God in Canada. He was sent out by our church to plant Renaissance Church Winnipeg. Aaron did what Aaron does best; he planted the church, raised up leaders and has discipled many effectively and passed the baton off to other leadership. Now, Aaron finds himself in Montreal, one of the most unreached cities in North America doing the exact same thing with Renaissance Montreal. 

If your church is looking for an opportunity to get involved in N.A. Missions, talk to my buddy Aaron. He’d love to connect you to what God is doing in Montreal. Aaron, I’m proud of the man you have become and the way you have used your gifts and passions for the kingdom of God to be advanced. In the trenches with you my friend, until all have heard the name of Jesus!


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