This past week has been full of some great reads for me on the world wide web, and I thought I would pass a few along to you all as well. Hope you find them fruitful and fun!

  • A Great Discussion On Multi-Site Churches: Pastor J.D. started a blog series this past week that has been a very good read. There are several differing opinions on multi-site out there, and we (The Summit Church) always want to be in great dialogue around the Scriptures to the model. I”m thankful for our Pastor and how he leads our church with humility and great passion.  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  • Seven Reasons Why Pastors Should Practice Fasting: Great thoughts here!
  • Broken: The Power of Conversion in Loiue Zamperini’s Life: One of my favorite books in the past few years was Unbroken. If you haven’t picked that book up, you should have done that YESTERDAY! Go get it now. Until then, let this little recap wet your appetite.
  • Sleep and Teenagers, A Growing Concern: This article was fantastic. A lack of sleep can cause high blood pressure, obesity, depression, and among other things; suicidal inclinations. Worth the read!

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