Baseball has been more than just a game to me over my life. It was a game of ups and downs, highs and lows. From the shedding of tears after a loss in little league to the joys of winning a state championship in high school, it’s been something that God has used (and continues to use as I now coach my kids) to develop character in my life. I mean, let’s think about this for a second. If get on base 1 out of 3 times at the plate over the course of every game in my entire career (that means you failed 2 out of 3 times) I’m a .333 hitter, which puts me well on the way to the hall of fame. A game of constant failures is sure to develop character in some capacity!

One of the guys that has displayed great character on and off the field over the course of his career has been The Captain, Derek Jeter. Thank you, Derek Jeter for staying with a single team your entire career (even if it was the dreadful Yankees), playing hard every single day, playing with great passion and enthusiasm, and playing the game of baseball the right way. There aren’t many players today you can point your sons towards and say “play the game like that man did.” Derek Jeter was one of those guys.



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