Concept image with many question marks written on an old typewriter.

At the beginning of each week, I try and take some time to ask myself a few questions that will help me think intentionally about ministry for the upcoming week. If you’re anything like me, if you don’t write some things down, you forget. When you forget, you begin to waste time. You know you’ve wasted time when you’ve scrolled through your Instagram feed more than 3x’s before lunch and you know all the breaking news on before the rest of the world does.

Here are a four questions that come up on my radar almost every week. 

  1. What leaders have I encouraged this week? Your leaders are busy. Some of them work full time jobs, have a family, are students with lots of homework, etc.. Make sure you take time to be intentional about encouraging them in the gospel.
  2. Who is someone in my ministry that I have prayed with this week? Please note, I did not say prayed for, but rather prayed with!  When you take time to pray with someone, it’s discipleship. They get to spend time with you (and you with them), hear you pray and commune with God, and more specifically how you  pray the scriptures back to God in your prayer time.
  3. How can I equip and resource a leader in my ministry this week? Write down one thing that you want to be able to provide to a leader this week and then DO IT! Buy them a book on Amazon that deals with a topic you know they’re really struggling with in their Small Group/Sunday School class with their students, find a blog post that hits on it, etc… Be specific, be intentional, and equip them to do the work of the ministry!
  4. What is one area outside of my ministry in my church that I can be a blessing to this week? As Student Pastors, we have to be intuitional about ensuring that our ministry is not isolated from the other ministries in our church. Don’t get sucked into the “my ministry is the only ministry that matters” mindset as you are serving your church. Find an hour this week that you can use to help out someone else on your staff team. We’re the church and we belong to one another. You are not a job description, you are a member of the body of Christ. Serve another area of ministry this week.

Take some time to think intentionally about your week in a pastoral manner. I hope the one thing that we never get so caught up in is the administrative aspect of ministry that we forget that ministry is about people. Encourage the people in Christ this week by the way you lead.


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