This past year was one of the worst years our convention has seen in student baptisms in 50+ years. Over 60% of the churches in our network did not baptize a single student between the ages of 11-17. If I’m being completely honest with you, my heart breaks when I hear that statistic. It breaks because we have a great mission field in front of us as Student Pastors, and the harvest is plentiful! I know there are several lingering questions for many  on this statistic. Is it because we’re not reaching teenagers? Maybe. Is it because we’re not being intentional about baptizing? Possibly. Is it because our church doesn’t have a student pastor? That may be the case. Either way, the waters are not moving and the time to act is now.

This is not a plea to Student Pastors to help fix a statistic. This is a plea to Student Pastors to to get in the game and be intentional about reaching students with the gospel and discipling them in Christ! I have so many thoughts and challenges I want to put out to each one of us, but I’ll stick with just one. For some, this is a HUGE goal. For others, this can be accomplished in one month. Wherever you fall, let’s see the tide change in our churches and let’s see the next generation reached and equipped in Christ.

The Challenge: To see 12 students come to faith and baptized in our ministries this year.                         (yes, that’s 1/month)

Baptism isn’t just about getting wet, it’s about a confession of a life that has been changed by Christ. Here is a clip from our most recent student baptisms here at The Summit. It brings my heart much joy to see these students walking with Jesus. That’s what its all about right?


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