In light of our current conversation that we’ll continue next week, here are a few links to help you get moving in the right direction:

  • As You Go, Dr. Alvin Reid: A great book on this exact topic on creating a sending culture in your ministry. Buy this book TODAY!
  • SendNA: Send North America has some programs designed to help the high school student catch a vision for church planting and the large cities in our country.
  • Leverage Your Calling: Advance The Church has created a dynamic conference for High School Seniors and College students on understanding your calling and using it strategically for the mission of God. Get signed up for that ASAP!
  • IMB Students: The International Mission Board is a great resource for local churches. Check out what they have for your student ministry.
  • A Vision of the Possible, Daniel Sinclair: A great read on church planting, specifically in teams. This book really helped me dream about how God could use student ministries for extended short term mission trips to catch a vision for church planting, which resulted in the development of our Summer Projects for our High School students.

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