Today we continue in the blog series “Developing a Sending Student Ministry.” To catch up to speed, take a few minutes and read the heart behind this blog series and also Part 1: Developing the Culture. 

As we continue the conversation on building and carrying out a student ministry that is passionate about developing it’s sending capacity, today and tomorrow we’ll begin to dive into some really practical things you can begin doing now.

  1. Teach and pray in such a way that the mission of God would be a defining reality of their life: This is something we say around the Summit to our students constantly. We want them to know that the question is not whether they are called to the mission of God (that call is for all believers), but rather how they are called to play their part in seeing the mission of God go forward. Our Pastor has challenged our middle/high school and college students with this statement “Do what you do well for the glory of God, but do it somewhere strategic for the mission of God.” Yes. Yes. Yes.
  2. Begin reaching locally. The Great Commission is not so much about sending as much as it is about reaching others as you are going. In your everyday life. Too often we equate missions with “going somewhere” or sending people to another location. Your mission field is also in your home, your neighborhood, your schools, your lunch appointments with your friends, your sports teams, your job, your school clubs, your community organizations, etc. Start there! If we’re not reaching locally, there’s no way we can send globally. Plain and simple. 
  3. Provide opportunities for mission. There is no greater opportunity to grow a students heart for the nations and being on mission than actually taking them on a trip to another country. If you need some good resources for contacts overseas, I’d be glad to help point you in the right direction. Maybe your church doesn’t have the resources to do that every year, and that’s okay. Start small. Look at doing 1 trip ever 2-3 years. Look at partnering up with another church in your city that goes on international trips, partner with an organization to take your kids on mission. If you want to developing a sending student ministry, you actually have to begin sending them. Sure, there will be obstacles along the way to seeing that happen, but you’re going to have to push through them. You’re going to have to fight for this culture in your ministry. It won’t come easy. 




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