With news of new leadership at The International Mission Board being announced yesterday, my heart is once again filled with joy and promise for the churches in our network to become active in reaching the nations. I am passionate about seeing the Great Commission completed, specifically seeing the next generation leveraged to be the ones to make it happen.

Over the course of my next few blog posts, I want to spend some time walking through what it looks like for us to begin developing a culture of “sending” in our student ministries. We (Student Pastors) have been given influence and leadership over the largest and most cause driven generation to walk the face of the planet. The question is whether or not we will waste our opportunity or leverage it to see this generation unleashed on the nations and in our backyards.

The hour is late, but the opportunity is here. What will we do with our influence? Student Pastors, this generation is ready, are we? As my good friend Brad Cooper says, “The wave starts in the student section.” It’s time to get moving.


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