Yesterday was a great first day as welcomed our high school students to Elevate Summer Camp. Last night we kicked off our worship sessions tackling our theme “The Story” by diving into the beauty of God’s story. God’s story is all about the redemption of his people for the glory of his name and his fame being made known throughout all nations. Last night we saw a few students put their faith in Christ and be welcomed into God’s story! That’s why we do camp. Today we celebrate that life change.

Today our students are hearing from Hank Murphy and Ben Salmon on Corporate Worship and The Part We Play” in their breakout session and tonight we welcome Will Toburen to preach from Psalm 1.

We’ll be posting daily recap videos starting on Monday night, so make sure to check back for updates and highlights from the week. We’ve got a full day ahead with white water rafting on the Ocoee River and some other fun things we have up our sleeves for these students. Keep praying. This week is just starting and the best is yet to come.


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