summer camp slide

This morning, our high school students loaded buses and headed on a 7 hour drive to our 3rd annual Elevate Summer Camp. We’re greatly anticipating their arrival on this camp and are believing great things to happen in their lives this week while they’re here. Then, just 5 day later, our Middle School students will do the same exact thing, in fact they’ll cross paths somewhere along I-40 as one is coming to camp and the other returning home in a vegetative state.

Here’s how you can be praying this week as our middle school student and high school students arrive here at camp over the next 10 days:

  • For the Spirit of God to move in the hearts of the people of God. We want to see the church (our students) spurred on towards the beauty of Christ, and believe that camp is the diving board for seeing that happen.
  • For the wave to spill over into The Summit Church as a whole. We believe that nobody should look down on the next generation because they are young, but that they can set the example for the church! I’m praying that this week of camp has a ripple effect onto our entire church.
  • For our leaders. They’re the hero’s of this camp. Without them, discipleship won’t happen like we would want it to happen. Would you pray that they would be wise and discerning, rested up, and that they would set the tone all week with their excitement and engagement in every aspect of camp.
  • For the dead to find life in Christ. Ephesians 2 tells us that apart from Christ we are not just bad people, we’re dead. Paul later goes on to say in that passage that God brings us to life through Christ. We want to see that happen this week. Ask that the Lord would bring about a harvest.
  • For our Sending Capacity. One thing we ask God for often in Summit Student Ministry is that we would judge success not only by our seating capacity but by our sending capacity. What would this world look like if the next generation took the Great Commission to heart and were unleashed on this world? I believe they could be the generation that ushers in the Kingdom of God. I’m praying for it. Would you?

We believe the best is still yet to come in our church and in this ministry! We’ll keep you updated.



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