If you’re in ministry, you’ve most likely experienced the ebb and flow of leadership within your ministry. You’ve probably experienced the season where you’ve bribed people with steak dinners and a lifetime supply of Sun Drop if they’d only serve in your ministry, only to find out they preferred Mt. Dew (take heart, you don’t want to serve with someone like that anyways:) or maybe you’ve had an excess of leadership and you had no clue what to do with them! If you’re in the latter category, God bless you. You are one of the chosen ones. For the rest of the pastors out there on the #dailygrind, here are a few things I would encourage you with as you seek to recruit people to serve alongside of you in the trenches of ministry:

  1. Lead with passion and vision: Plain and simple. People are drawn to a God given vision. You are the thermostat for your volunteer culture. If you’re not excited and don’t have a vision for your ministry, don’t expect others to jump on board with you.
  2. Have a process: People not only want to know what the ministry is all about, but they want to know the steps it’s going to take to get involved. Be detailed and let them know on the front end all that it entails to get them plugged in to your ministry.
  3. Recruit Relationally: Think about the people that you and your other current volunteers are connected with in the church. Begin to encourage your current volunteers to ask TWO people over the next month to come and check out the ministry (this is why #2 is very important. If people say ‘yes’ to the invite, you better have a plan to help onramp them into your ministry!)



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