This morning I had the opportunity to lead our Summit Church staff in a time of prayer for our Family Ministries for the summer. We honed in specifically on summer camp and how they can be praying. Here is what I shared with them:

As we approach our camps this summer with Kids, Middle and High School students, we’re praying three very specific things for those that will attend. Our driving passage for our prayers comes from Colossians 2:6-7. We pray this every.single.year. It brings clarity and focus to our time at camp.

1. We would see people receive Christ Jesus as Lord: When you read verse 6, Paul refers to the foundational confession of the church. He expands on what that confession is in it’s very purest form just a few verses later (vv.13-14). Will you pray for us that we would see hundreds of students make this confession at camp this summer?

2. That kids and students would grow as disciples: Our longing and desire is to see students that profess Christ as Lord begin to grow as “oaks of righteousness.” We are passionate about seeing the roots of students lives go deep into the riches of the gospel, just like the blessed man in Psalm 1.

3. Lives marked by worship: Paul finishes this passage with the statement “overflowing with thankfulness…” That, my friends is where worship happens. When students receive Christ and grow in a deeper understanding of the riches of God…the only response is worship. Pray that camp would be the beginning for some and a continuation for others of passionate, life changing worship that flows from the heart of thankfulness.


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