Today’s guest post comes from Stephen Snyder, Student Ministry Director at our North Durham Campus.

Have you ever stood in the ocean and noticed how the wave size keeps increasing until you are eventually knocked over by that one huge wave?  This can be very frustrating for a surfer who wants all of the waves to be big, but instead he waits. If you apply this analogy to Student Ministry, it leaves you in a constant state of excitement and anticipation, waiting for what God is doing and is about to do.

We are currently in this season at the North Durham Campus.  It seems as each week goes by, God keeps sending us a wave slightly bigger than the previous.  The momentum is building with no sign of stopping! Here are a few snapshots of the waves that we have been experiencing:

In the last couple of months we have seen a middle school student begin to carry his bible to school and read it during his free time.  Someone asked him about it so he began carrying  an extra bible around with him and began giving them out to friends who were without their own copy of God’s word.  Another middle school student recently celebrated her 13th birthday party.  Instead of asking for gifts, she asked her friends and family to make donations to the Durham Rescue Mission!  She raised over $150 and filled a car up with donated food and clothes!

In the next couple of weeks and months we will see several students AND parents head to the international mission field.  Two families are participating in the Route 56 mission trip, one high school senior is spending his spring break in Peru, and another senior is spending a month in Southeast Asia this summer.  We have asked God to raise up a generation of workers to be part of His harvest and God has been faithful to answer our prayers.

Finally, we understand that our capacity to disciple students is directly related to the number of leaders involved in Student Ministry.  In the last couple of weeks, God has put me in contact with four new people who are seriously interested in jumping into the ocean with us and experiencing the waves of God ‘s movement across North Durham.

We are not sure what all of these waves are building up to but we are expecting God to continue to move and change lives with His Gospel in the Bull City and beyond.


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