I’m the father of three kids, one of which is a 5 year old boy. If you’ve ever spent any dedicated time around a 5 year old boy, you’ll know a few things right off the bat about them; they’re incredibly gross and they ask a lot of questions. Rather than spending time grossing ourselves out with all the amazing and detestable things that 5 year old boys seem to concoct, we’ll hone in on asking questions.

Asking Questions. If you’re a parent, you’re already resonating with this sentiment. In fact, just as an experiment, yesterday I decided to count how many questions my son asked me on our 2.4 mile drive to the local batting cages to hit some baseballs. On a one way trip, he asked exactly 22 questions in the car. Did you hear that? TWENTY TWO QUESTIONS. That’s crazy, but I think we can learn something from our kids in this area.


  • Train yourself keep asking questions to your kids. Don’t stop asking questions. When you stop asking questions, you stop showing interest in the lives of your children. My son never stops asking me questions, why should I stop asking him questions?
  • Learn to ask the right questions to your kids. Learning to ask the right questions requires some intentionality. For example: Rather than asking “How was your day today?” (because we all know what the teenager will say to that one right!?) try asking “What was one thing you can tell me about your day today that was good and one thing about your day today that you wish you could have a ‘do-over’ on?” That gives some guaranteed follow up for you to have with them.

Youth Pastors: 

  • Never stop learning: That’s what I love about my son. He’s always on a conquest to learn something new. He’s encountering new things in the world, and he’s curious. No matter how big your ministry grows, or how much influence God gives you, never stop learning.
  • Ask the experts in your field: One of the things that I love about the way my son asks me questions is that he thinks I know everything (he’ll soon find out he was wrong!). Because he thinks I know everything, he continually comes to me for answers. He goes to his perceived source of expertise to get answers he’s looking for. Who are those people in your city? Who are those people in your region? Step out, ask the right people the right questions.

Whatever you do, never stop asking questions.


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