Photo Credit: Indiana Public Media
Photo Credit: Indiana Public Media
Guest Post by Jeremy Berger, Summit Church Middle School Pastor:
At the Summit Church, one of our goals is to partner with parents as they navigate their Middle School Students (5th-8th grade) from childhood to their crucial teenage years.  Regardless of where they fit into this transitional period, we highly desire them to be completely devoted followers of Christ.  One of the avenues in which we do this is through Small Groups.  Small groups are a place where students can learn to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ while building genuine community with their peers.   The concept of Small Groups is something that we want to instill in our students early in life.

A typical Small Group time consists of a 10-15 minute large group teaching time which is then followed by breaking out into gender and age specific groups to further discuss the teaching.  Small groups are facilitated by one of our student leaders and students are pushed and encouraged to go beyond giving “Sunday School Answers”, to truly dialoguing and wrestling with what it means to be a disciple of Christ.  Small Groups are meant to be a safe place of transferring all the “head knowledge” material and content that they are taught as children to the “heart knowledge” lifestyle that compels teenagers, college students, and adults to live out and share the Gospel to the World.

We also strongly encourage our student leaders to engage with their students throughout the week via text, e-mail, phone calls, or possibly even taking the next step and going to one of their sporting events, clubs, etc.  We know that the greatest return that we will see in our students’ growth as disciples of Christ is when our student leaders fully invest in their lives throughout the week and not just during a weekend meeting.

Small Groups are offered at every campus of the Summit during weekend services.  To find out when and where an individual campus’ small groups meet, please click here or e-mail



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