This weekend across all Summit campuses during our Elevate gatherings, we’ll be celebrating one of our milestones in our Family Ministry Plan with our students and their families; a commitment to purity. Here are five things we want you to know about the night as you prepare with your family.

  1. Purity is not the goal: Please make sure you understand this as we go into the weekend. Our aim, vision, passion, and goal with this night is that we constantly put in front of our students that holiness is the goal we’re all striving for. As we teach our students to pursue Christ above and beyond all things, the other things will come out of the overflow of a life that is in constant pursuit of the heart of God. Christ is our aim. I think Jesus said it best in Matthew 6:33
  2. Talk with your student before the night: Sit down with your son/daughter and talk with them about your desire for them as their paren as they pursue Christ. Cast a vision for them that maybe they’ve never heard you speak about before! Allow this opportunity in front of you as a parent to be just that; an opportunity to have a conversation with your son/daughter about relationships and the gospel. They’re already hearing it in so many other outlets, why not let them hear it coming from the mouth of their parents!
  3. Write them a letter: Take a few moments this week, turn off the television (or disconnect from your computer/phone) and write your son/daughter a letter to let them know how proud of them you are. Share your heart with them on paper, write out a prayer that you’ll be praying over them (or maybe you’ve been praying over them) as they continue to pursue Christ. This will be a memorable thing in their life, I promise.
  4. Emphasize the importance of community: As we commission our students to a lifestyle of purity in their relationships with the opposite sex this weekend, we’ll be reemphasizing the importance of the community of faith in their journey of discipleship. (Note, when I say community of faith I am referring to the family and the local church. These two things cannot be separated!) It’s important for you to stress with your son/daughter the desire you have for them to be transparent with you and with their small groups about their victories, struggles, etc. No man can live life as an island in their walk with Christ. We need each other.
  5. RSVP! Don’t forget to RSVP for the night right now! Go, right now, and RSVP. Make sure to find your campus (or the campus closest to you) and sign up for the event. We’ve got some amazing things in store for you and your families as we celebrate together a milestone in the life of our students.

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