side note before we get started: the above photo is our College Pastor, Dave Turner. The photo has absolutely nothing to do with the below resources…it’s just a fantastic picture that needed to be shared with the world. IT was leaked this past week from his wife on his birthday. thanks for this gem, lauren!

Here are a few resources for the weekend!

  • Parenting Styles and Teen Internet Addiction? An interesting article that has some validity.
  • Still Texting? Most parents think that now they’ve started texting, they’re finally up to speed with their teenager. Wrong. This culture’s approach to communication changes faster than you could say “How Much Wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” Texting is still a valid and quick way of communicating with your teenager, but they have many other modes of communication as well.
  • Porn, Teenagers, and the Smartphone: Think your teenager only looks at porn on the house computer? Wrong. In fact, many students in our ministry have said that the greatest place of struggle with pornography is their smartphone.
  • Get Offa My Case: Rick Horne wrote a great book about dealing with defiant teens. I know what you’re thinking…that’s my kid! Rick also wrote a great book prior to this called “Get Outta My Face” where he deals with unmotivated and angry teenagers and gives parents/youth workers some great advice.





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