If you’re in any type of ministry position, you’ve probably realized the importance of having good friendships with people that are also in ministry. I’ve always been blessed with a great group of friends that are in the trenches of ministry in my community (Raleigh/Durham) and across the country/world. Today, I want to discuss some principles in ministry friendships that I think are key:

1. Move beyond “networking.” I love the networks that I belong to. I mean that wholeheartedly. However, the reason I love those networks is because the men I networked with have now become men I consider close friends. Networks are meant to connect you with others, not an on ramp for recognition.

2. Talk about life. Can I just be honest here for a second? Some of the guys that only want to talk to me about ministry end up getting call screened most of the time. It’s draining. Don’t be a drainer.

3. Pray for them: Spend some time praying for your friends in ministry. One of the most encouraging things for me is knowing that I have some brothers in the trenches of ministry with me that are standing in the gap through prayer.

4. ¬†Challenge Each Other: Share with each other the things you’re learning in ministry and things you think you can be doing better. Stretch one another in reaching more students, discipling more students, baptizing more students, and sending more students on mission. If we’re not being stretched, we grow complacent.

5. Meet together as often as possible: If these guys are across the country, SKYPE with them. If they’re in your city, have coffee or a meal together frequently. Relationships thrive with active presence.


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