A brand new Student Ministry study that I had the privilege of participating in with Lifeway just released in January. Today, I want to give away a free Leader Kit here on the blog to a Student Pastor (a total value of $59.95).  

A little bit about the study: 

  • Sessions: Eight
  • What’s Included in the Student Guide? Weekly Sessions, 40-day Gospel Reading Plan, and devotionals for the students to read during the week.
  • Sessions: Gospel Change, Gospel Discovery, Acceptance, Approval, Response to the Gospel, Audacious Faith, Substitute Gospels, Growing Deeper in the Gospel.

How do I Win?

  • Leave a Comment here on this blog telling me why this study would benefit you as a student pastor and the students you have at your church.
  • Tweet and Link out this free giveaway and use the hashtag #gospelrev
  • Tell @studentministry (Lifeway Students) that you’re incredibly thankful for their hard work and desire to grow a healthy ministry resource department for churches. They’re killing it these days thanks to Jeff Pratt and Ben Trueblood. (this part is optional, but I think we should give honor and encouragement where it’s due…and it’s due here. These guys are the real deal and so great to work with.) 
  • My student staff will determine the winner and we’ll get the pack to you in a timely manner.

It’s an honor to serve you! 


5 thoughts on “Free Give Away

  1. Last year for graduation I gave out copies of Gospel to all of my seniors. I had several underclassmen ask about the book so I also gave several copies out to them. I would love to have this study in order to take the students that God has allowed me to lead deeper in what it means to live a gospel centered life. I am always looking for resources to supplement the teaching that I do on a weekly basis. I am thankful for a church like the Summit for taking the resources that God has blessed you with and sharing them with the rest of the Church.

  2. Last Fall, we used the Gospel DNow material with our students. I’m thankful for how it impacted them and the conversations that have flowed from our study of that material. I’ve been looking for something to follow that up with this summer that will also supplement our summer activities (mission trip to Chicago for high school students and camp for middle school students). This material would ground our students’ understanding in why we go on mission and have weeks like camp. It would also unite the middle school and high school students in the content they’re receiving even though they’re doing different activities. Thanks for what you do!

  3. This study would be HUGE for our student ministry. The group of students we have right now are struggling to connect the dots of what the Gospel means. I asked a bunch of them a while back if they could explain the Gospel to me in a few sentence. Only one or two of them really could. Many of them I believe have been born again, but the Gospel hasn’t really went deep into their hearts. I would love to teach through this study and help them, and myself, get a better understanding of the Gospel. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to possibly win this study.


  4. Gentlemen,

    Since the three of you were the only ones to submit a comment, I’ll actually give one to all three of you. Will you please send your information to our Student Ministry Assistant, Jillian Boland (jboland@summitRDU.com) and we’ll get it in the mail to you very soon. Also, please add in your subject line “Free Gospel Revolution Study.” Thanks!

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