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Encouraging one another is not just a good idea, it’s biblical. I think of passages like 1 Thess. 3:2, Hebrews 10:24, and Proverbs 10:11 just to name a few. This week, let’s carry out mandate to encourage one another in the lives of students. Here are a few simple ways to make that happen:

  • Write a Note: YEP! Good ol’ snail mail. Everyone loves a note in the mail. Take 5 minutes and write a note to one of your students. Just let them know you were thinking about them and praying for them this week! (Plus, it’s a good opportunity for you to practice your handwriting since that never gets used anymore)
  • Send a Text Message: Text a passage of scripture to a student this week and let them know that you’ve prayed that verse over them for the week. Please be smart when you use text messaging. A few guidelines we use here at The Summit when texting are pretty simple: do not text during school hours, do not text someone of the opposite sex, if applicable use a platform or text messaging system host so all text messages are public and kept on file for others to see at all times, do not text past 9:00pm.
  • Make A Surprise Visit: Go to where the students are located. Go see them at a game, at their school lunches, at their homes, at their after school clubs, at work, etc..
  • Leave a Post on their Facebook Wall: It’s there for everyone to see, and trust me…they see it.
  • Pray for them, and let them know you’re actually doing it!  Not trying to “Jesus Juke” you here, but seriously, let’s spend some time praying for our students. Let’s beg God to do something great in them.

Whatever you do this week, be intentional and go after and encourage some students in the gospel! As soon as I finish this blog, I’m going to do a couple of the items I’ve listed above. Have a great week!

In the trenches with you!


One thought on “Simple Ways to Encourage Students This Week

  1. Great simple reminders. I have a few students going through some pretty rough stuff and needed to be reminded of these simple ways to encourage them. I like what you said about actually praying for them. It’s easy to say “I’ll be praying for you” but we need to actually do what we say.


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