Culture is about leadership. Let that truth sink in a bit. The culture of your ministry will take the dynamics of you and your leadership team. If you’re anything like me, that is a bit scary. That’s why I suggest that you always take some time to sit back and evaluate your leadership culture in your ministry. If some of the following are true about your leadership culture, it’s time to make a switch:

  • Sarcasm runs rampant. Let’s be honest…we all like a bit of sarcasm. I do. I mean, I follow people on twitter whose identity is built solely on being sarcastic. We love a good dose of it. But not everyone gets that. Not everyone on your staff team, not everyone on your volunteer team, and definitely not everyone in your ministry. 
  • Transparency is scarce. Building an effective leadership culture is built on trust and transparency. Youth Pastor, that starts with us. If we can’t own up to mistakes, give credit to other members of our staff team when they hit a home run, or simply be willing to say “I don’t know the answer to that”…we’re leading a team that is on the brink of imploding.
  • Encouragement is a foreign word. I’m not asking you to be “that guy.” You know what I mean, right? That guy gets on our nerves. That guy never offers any criticism, just “you’re the most awesome person on the planet.” What I am saying is that your team needs encouragement. Students may not be getting saved, the baptism waters may not have been stirred in two months…and that’s okay! There are so many other things to encourage your leaders about. Examples would include their commitment to loving students, the way they serve faithfully, the conversation they had with a student who was struggling or needed prayer, the way they go to where the students are (cafeterias, ball games, etc..), their great example of a godly husband/wife, etc.. Find areas to encourage your team…and do it!

For some great resources on building the team, I suggest the following:


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