Hit The Scales

Metabolism is a cuss word in my house. Why, you ask? That’s easy…because mine betrayed me. I’ve always been active; played sports in high school and college, hiked the Grand Canyon and even parts of the Himalayas, and heck, I even played Adult Softball. I was living the dream. I was skinny, active, and could eat whatever I wanted and not gain a pound. Then something happened….LIFE. Demands on my time became greater, stress levels rose, kids came in the world, and all of a sudden those 4pc Supreme Dinners at Bojangles began to take a toll on the ol’gut. As one tweeter said, “I was one biscuit away from dating Paula Dean.” My chin was disappearing into the recesses of my neck, and I began to feel like crap.  The verdict? I was overweight.  Something had to be done, so I got serious about losing weight and keeping it off. Two years later, I feel like a new man.

Over the next few posts, I want to pass along some tips for Youth Pastors to shred the weight and keep it off. Hope you find it helpful! Today, we’ll start with two small ones: 

  1. Don’t eat the food at your Youth Events. Can we be honest for just a second here? The only reason you have that food at your event is because it’s cheap. Everyone knows that cheap food usually doesn’t equate to healthy food. Pizza, soda, popcorn, candy bars, brownies, etc.. aren’t what I would call “ingredients for healthy living.” Stay away! (At this point we’re all probably thinking “Why do we feed our kids that junk?” That’s a whole different post and topic we can tackle at another time.) 
  2. Soda is from Satan. Please hear me, I’m not telling you to stop drinking soft drinks for the rest of your life. In fact, I still have one every once in a while, but it can’t replace the benefit of drinking water. Rather than going on and on about it’s implications on your body, I’ll allow Harvard to give you some great research on the subject. Some good, some bad. When it’s all said and done, I’ll quote on of my football coaches along the way in life who used to always say “Boys, you got to hydrate before you dehydrate.” Wow. Thanks coach…that’s the stuff of genius.

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