Summit Parents/Students! Here are Four Things You Need to Know:

  1. Only Two Elevate’s Left This Year! That’s right, we only have two more Elevate gatherings for our students in 2012, and that is this Sunday (12/2) and next Sunday (12/9). Next Sunday, December 9th is our annual Elevate Christmas Party, planned and executed by our High School Leadership Team (that’s made up of only high school students.) It’s always a blast and our students are doing a great job planning this service. 
  2. Communication: We want to stay connected with you, and the main ways we do that are through The City and our Txt Message System. For our Text Message System, go here for students and here for parents. To connect with us via The City, go here.
  3. High School Retreat: January 18-21st. We’ll be taking our high school students to Ridgecrest Retreat Center outside of Asheville, NC for a conference called “Fastbreak.” The cost is $160/student and will feature a band called Rend Collective Experiment. Going to be a GREAT week! Registration forms are available at Elevate.
  4. Summer Camp: July 8-12th, 2013. Go ahead and mark those dates down on your calendar! We’ll be doing our own summer camp hosted by a Christian Retreat Center in the Mountains. Going to be a great week!




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