Before I begin the process of unpacking this blog post today, I want to be the first one to confess: GUILTY. There, now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s roll.

When it comes to training our leaders, let’s face it, we try to do too much by ourselves. We’ve skimmed the books, we’ve read the blogs, and we’ve listened to all of the tapes that were converted to podcast that Doug Fields put out on building strong volunteers (which is a really good by the way.) Expert is our middle name. In honor of college football season cranking up this weekend, allow me to quote Lee Corso “Not so fast my friend.”

Look around you. What people in your church are successful businessmen/businesswomen who know how to build a team? Who are the people in your church that really understand discipleship? Who are the people in your church that know what hospitality looks like? Who are the people in your church that know how to leverage other people to be on mission both locally and globally? Who are the teachers in your church that work with middle/high school students on a daily basis that can train your leaders on trends/mindsets of teenagers? Those are some of the experts in your church waiting to be utilized.

We’re implementing that this year with our leadership training, and I couldn’t be more excited to have the experts that are all around me come in and equip us to be better missionaries to the next generation. Let’s not do it all ourselves. It’s tiresome, it’s redundant, and truthfully it’s not allowing the gifts in the body of Christ to be used to it’s full potential.
For the kingdom.


3 thoughts on “Utilize the Experts Around You!

  1. Also, I just clicked on the “about” section of your blog. I had no idea you were the student pastor at The Summit. That’s pretty cool. I’m a big Greear fan. Do you hold the copyright for the picture on the right “reviving the #stumin pulpit.” I’d like to use it.

  2. Thanks for this post. I just started a new position at church and currently working through how I will be using my volunteer team. Often I find myself wanting to do it “all on my own,” but I need to utilize the leaders around me.


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