Reviving the Student Ministry Pulpit, Part 1 and Part 2

The Right Tools: Building a Student Pastor Library

One of the keys to effective preaching is having a solid library. Often times many of us rely on the sermons we’ve heard in the past on a passage or the notes in the Study Bibles to give us good solid background on a text. There’s so much more when you dig into the Scripture, and having the right tools will assist you in that process. This is a smorgasbord of things I recommend for you to have on your shelf that are coming off the top of my head. There is no doubt I’m probably forgetting some of my favorites in this list. These range from theology books to good books on church planting. All of these have shaped in some way my preaching and my ministry. Would love to hear some of your recommended resources as well!

Study Bibles:

Counseling Books:

  • The Discipline of Grace, Jerry Bridges
  • Effective Biblical Counseling, Lawrence Crabb
  • Instruments In The Redeemer’s Hands, Paul David Tripp
  • Get Outta My Face, Rick Horne
  • How People Change, Paul David Tripp/Timothy Lane

Theology & Others 

  • A Theology for the Church, Daniel Akin
  • Christian Theology, Millard Erickson
  • Systematic Theology, Wayne Grudem
  • The Unity of the Bible, Daniel Fuller
  • Intro to Old Testament Theology, John Sailhammer
  • Knowing God, J.I. Packer
  • Doctrine, Mark Driscoll
  • Gospel, J.D. Greear
  • Gospel Wakefulness, Jared Wilson
  • The Explicit Gospel, Matt Chandler
  • The Reason for God, Tim Keller
  • Prodigal God, Tim Keller
  • Surprised by Grace, Tulian Tchividjian

Youth Ministry Specific

  • Youth Culture 10, Walt Mueller
  • Raising The Bar, Alvin Reid
  • Don’t Waste Your Life, John Piper (yeah I know it’s not #stumin specific, but it should be!)
  • Soul Searching, Christian Smith
  • Chasing Elephants, Brent Crowe
  • Simple Student Ministry, Jeff Borton
  • Sustainable Youth Ministry, Mark DeVries
  • You Lost Me, David Kinnaman

Missions/Church Planting/Evangelism

All of the books listed below have really instilled in our ministry a desire to set up our student ministry with the “Planting” mindset. If we want to raise up the next generation of church planters, our structure needs to equip them for that!

  • A Vision of the Possible, Daniel Sinclair
  • Church Planting Movements, David Garrison
  • Cross Culture Connections, Duane Elmer
  • Cross Culture Conflicts, Duane Elmer
  • Striking the Match, George Robinson
  • When Helping Hurts, Brian Fikkert
  • Called To Reach, William Yount
  • The Fuel and the Flame, Steve Shadrach
  • The Master Plan of Evangelism, Robert E. Coleman
  • The Art of Personal Evangelism, Will McRaney
  • Let The Nations be Glad, John Piper
  • Evangelism Handbook, Alvin Reid
  • Questioning Evangelism, Randy Newman

3 thoughts on “Reviving The Student Ministry Pulpit, Part 3

  1. Jason,

    I agree with you that part of effective preaching is having the right resources. With technology now it’s great because you can have some many books on your computer. I use Logo’s for a lot of my preaching prep because I have many commentaries and books on their. Even though I love technology, I still like having physical book’s. I love the ESV Study Bible and use it very often when looking over a text. Thanks for listing some great books!


  2. The “For Everyone” commentary series by N. T. Wright is a must-have! The comments and anecdotes that he includes in each volume have really helped me see what I hadn’t seen before.

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