Reviving the Student Ministry Pulpit; They Should Leave Worshiping

I’ve had so many great mentors in my life over the past several years in ministry, and my Pastor has been one of the biggest. One of the things that J.D. has constantly put in my ear over and over again is “What is the goal of your sermon?” I keep a quote on the inside of my preaching notebook that Pastor J.D. has ingrained in my mind, and I hope it encourages you as well.

“the goal of a lecture is that people leave with information; the goal of a motivational speech is that they leave with action steps; the goal of a sermon is that people leave worshiping.” – D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

That’s it! In all of our study, in all of our praying, in all of our reading of the Scripture as we prepare on a week in and week out basis, our prayer should be that our students leave with a the sense of awe of the glory of God! May our trajectory be that we would worship ourselves less, and put our weight and worship more on the gospel.

As we prepare for our messages this week, are we lifting the great name of Christ so high that our students leave with a sense of awe and wonder? May that be true of all of us as we move forward.


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