Plumbline #3: Live Sufficiently, Give Extravagantly 

My Pastor often says that “generosity is contagious, and so is greed.” There is such depth to that statement. We believe here at the Summit Church that the blessings God gives us are meant not only for our enjoyment, but also to leverage for good of others as we seek to be like Jesus as he leveraged his life for us.

What this means for our Student Ministry here at the Summit Church

  • Our staff will work hard to live a life of generosity in front of our students. That means that there is accountability in our giving to the local church and the way we handle our personal finances, among many other things.
  • We teach our students that the gospel is bigger than the collecting of things (which is a false gospel by the way.)
  • On the flip side, we will model and teach our students that God does give us things for our enjoyment. Period. So enjoy them and worship God for them.
  • Give your students an opportunity to give themselves away (ex: serve locally in a soup kitchen, give financially to a family in need, go on a mission trip, plan their college career around church planting, etc.)



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