Our church has developed over the past couple of years a set of guides that help us in our decision-making that we call our “Plumblines.” They are, at the core, the DNA of who we are as a church. Over the next few weeks, I want to simply share with you a few of them and talk with you how they affect our Student Ministry. I hope you enjoy this little series of posts. 

Plumbline #1: People are the Mission

In all of our programming and strategy, we have to always remember that People are the Mission, and our programming and our facilities are simply tools in helping us reach and equip people. So many times we (myself included) get caught up in making secondary things the “main thing.”  People are our mission. They are our main thing. Not our facility. Not our programs. Those are simply resources that help us…not define us.

Here’s what this means for our Student Ministry:

  • This means that we will be good stewards of the resources we’ve been given. We’ll keep the facility clean and make good use of what we’ve been given. Nobody wants to use crummy tools.
  • We’ll spend our money wisely.
  • We’ll see our programs as platforms to always connect with students and equip them with the gospel
  • If our emphasis becomes on our resources and not students, we’ll repent.

We’ve been equipped with the message of hope. That message is for people. People that are created in the image of God, yet separated by sin. We will take that message to them and help them grow in it daily. They are our mission. 


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