Student Pastors! I’m in the process of writing some brand new Small Group Curriculum for Middle and High School students around The Gospel Revolution, and I want your feedback. The whole idea of this is to create a resource for our students here at The Summit Church and a resource for other Student Pastors and their Small Groups/Sunday School classes. When you answer the questions below, please think about your ministry and what works best for your students!

  • What are the key components you look for in a discipleship resource for your Small Group/Sunday School?
  • How long do your classes/meetings last?
  • What do you feel is missing from most curriculum? (ie: What’s the ONE THING you wish 95% of Student Ministry discipleship material would have that it doesn’t?)
You can reply right here on this blog, or you can shoot me an email with your thoughts as well! I look forward to hearing your feedback.

One thought on “Need Your Feedback

  1. Hey Jason,

    I truly appreciate you wanting the feedback of us fellow youth pastors, man.

    1. What are the key components we look for in a discipleship resource for our small groups? I gotta say Jesus. Students today are not nearly challenged enough to be transformed into the likeness of the Person of Christ through the understanding of the work of Christ. So I would say no matter what topic, theme, or theology you are developing curriculum about, please make it all about Jesus as the focal point of all Christian life, worship, and service.

    2. How long do our small group sessions last? We go for a solid 45 minutes of small groups after announcements. We’ve found that its not too much or too short.

    3. The one thing missing most from small group curriculum honestly is the gospel for believers. Teens today need a constant reminder in repentance out of their faith in the death of Jesus and obedience out of their belief in the resurrection of Jesus. I think they are getting the fact that the gospel is for the unbeliever, but they need to hear the depth and the richness of the gospel for them as believers as well. The more they hear the gospel, soak in it, and learn to think from it every aspect of life, the more they will feel comfortable in sharing it and living it on a daily basis. And through the gospel, is where God gets the glory in Jesus (Philippians 2:9-11).

    Again, thanks for the opportunity to share!

    Only by His grace,
    Pastor Chip Dean
    Capshaw Baptist Church
    Harvest, AL

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