One of my friends and co-laborers in the gospel at The Summit Church released his newest album just a few weeks ago. Although late in the rush of “Hey, a brand new album is out and we should blog our review about it now,” I still find it necessary to throw out some of my thoughts on album, geared specifically at why I think this album is important for our students that we have the opportunity to shepherd (and, of course ourselves!). I’m not the greatest reviewer of music, but i’ll give it my best shot! So, here we go:

  • Rich in Truth: Matt’s songwriting is so incredibly saturated in the truth of the gospel. He doesn’t mask it with lines that you’re not sure if it’s about a woman, your best friend or Christ himself. There’s no denying it. From the glory of God to the sinfulness of man, the truth of the gospel is the banner of this album. Our students need to hear an album that declares the greatness of our King without hesitation or timidity. They need boldness. They need to be spurred out of a life of apathy. They need the truth of the gospel.
  • Hope in the Gospel! The final song on this album is my favorite. In a culture of “walking away when the going gets tough,” Matt reminds us of the unfailing, unending and immeasurable greatness of God. When pain, death, doubt, and hurt begin to creep in and steal our joy, we’re reminded that “God is still God, and God is still good.” Amen.
  • Not for Pansies. Yep, I said it. We need an album that doesn’t make men feel like pansies when they sing songs. I know I’m going to get push back on this one, but that’s okay. It’s my opinion, my review, and you can totally disagree! That’s the point!!! The artistic bend of this album makes a guy feel like it’s OK to sing these songs at the top of his lungs….and I like that because, well, I’m a dude.
  • Missional in it’s Focus. Don’t think that for a minute that you can listen to this album and remain complacent. The glory of God among all nations beats you like a rented mule all over the place. We need more songs that call us to action in our student ministries. Worship is not just reflection, it’s life. We need that reminder.
Overall, this is an album where we’ll sing songs off of it in our worship gatherings and be blown away, and I’ll most likely continue to sing the songs in my car at the top of my lungs not caring what they think of me at the stoplight. IT.IS.THAT.GOOD! Go get it. Now.

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