Admit it. We’re all looking for it aren’t we? It usually goes something like this for us: maybe I’ll be the greatest leader I can be if I just go to that one conference, or maybe I’ll become the greatest Pastor and know everything there is to know about ministry after 3 (or 7 if you’re like me) years of seminary. MAYBE, just maybe, if we just start this one program in our student ministry, success will come.

My answer to those thoughts? Maybe.

To all my friends in Student Ministry, take some wisdom from a guy who’s learning the hard way. Discipleship takes time. Reaching students with the gospel takes time. Stay faithful. Keep pressing on. Do not become passive in your approach to ministry if the doors aren’t busting down in 3 months (or three years) at your student program. Yes, we serve a God who saved thousands at one time in Acts. And YES, God still does that today. He’s still God. He’s still in control, He’s still powerful and His arm is still not too short to save.

But here’s another thing I know: God loves our obedience. That’s part of the discipleship process isn’t it? A long obedience in the same direction. (Great book by the way, you should get it.) When God gives you a vision and direction to lead your ministry towards, go hard after it. Don’t waver.

I once heard a buddy of mine Brad Cooper, describe the growth they’ve had in their ministry as a focused intensity over a long period of time. God gave them the vision and they are sticking to it. I like it. Thanks Brad.

Be encouraged Student Pastor. Abide deeply in the gospel. God has called you. Be obedient. Stay faithful.


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