Student Pastors…this is fact; We are all glory chasers. We can do this in one of two ways. Lord help us to be the second.

1. We chase for the glory of our name. 

  • Our ministry compared to __________(insert name)’s ministry
  • Our name to be spoken among many different networks of people
  • We don’t take into consideration anything that our volunteer leaders offer us in regards to making our ministry better…because, well, it’s offensive.
  • The next biggest and best Youth Ministry Conference in the nation with special guest speaker ___________________! (insert our name)
2. We Chase the Glory of GOD’S Name!
  • We recognize and repent of our idolatry of self glorification
  • We lift high the name of Christ and wave His banner (whenever I say banner, I always think of those banner flags they used to use in worship back in the day in our churches….thank GOD those are gone) and His Kingdom
  • We see our student ministries as a sending place and not just an audience for the Kingdom of God
  • We allow our student leaders to speak into our ministries..after all, we are called to equip the saints for the work of the ministry right?!?!
Many times we pursue the glory of self under the umbrella of God’s glory. My advice?
  • Saturate yourself in the truth of the gospel.
  • Examine your heart. Ask God to show you where you may be covering self glory with the language of “God’s glory.”
  • I’ve been praying this prayer every morning for a while now. God has used it to change my life. I’m thankful for it. Hopefully God will wreck you with it as well.

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