Ever been fascinated with the way that someone can break boards or concrete blocks with a swift “Chop?” I have. (editors note: I was so intrigued that I actually took this class to see if I could learn the ins and outs of becoming a true ninja.) In fact, several years ago I decided to have a go at it. It ended in many laughs and a swollen hand. Epic Fail. Here’s what I learned from a friend in martial arts about my experience.

The ability to break a board is not about muscle, but speed. It’s not just about speed, but focused speed. 

Where are you trying to “break boards” in your student ministry with sheer muscle and not a focused effort? Where does that focused effort come from? In my opinion, it’s a clearly defined vision from God that sets you on mission. That’s your focus. That’s where you harness your time, your resources and your staff (or lack thereof).

Where are you stretching yourself too thin? Where are you spending time and energy outside of the vision? Put your resources into a focused area; the mission & vision, and attack it for the glory of God and the advancement of His kingdom.


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