This past weekend, we were challenged with the biblical truth that we all have been entrusted with the gospel of King Jesus to share with the next generation. We experienced brokenness, repentance and we celebrated (as a couple of students trusted Christ at some of our campuses after the message.) Now what?

It’s your turn. It’s your turn to engage in the reaching and discipleship of the next generation. This generation (78million+ strong) is being equipped with something. Will we equip them with the gospel?

To find out more about our ministry to the next generation, check out the links below.

To find out how you can get plugged in with the following at any of our campuses, click the appropriate link and shoot us an email!


One thought on “It’s Your Turn

  1. Jason,
    I think you got my comment from a few weeks ago about teaching an apologetics class for graduating high school students. Andy Resh set up a talk at NCSSM last week and it was phenomenal. I really enjoyed it; hopefully the students did too. I’ll be out of town next weekend, but I’d still love to do the class at some point for the Brier Creek kids if you think they’d be interested. Just let me know.

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