Check out this story from Rick and Mike Langston. Mike is one of our students here in our ministry, and I’m so pumped about where God has brought him. God is using Mike in his high school to use his story to tell others and lead others in the beauty of the gospel. Enjoy.

[vimeo 22503180]

One thought on “The Prodigal Son…Lived out.

  1. Thanks, it has been a little tough today. My daughter, in medical school is taking her first semester final exam. She attends Ross Medical School at Portsmouth, Dominica. The exam is today from 12 NOON to 4 PM. I have been praying hour by hour since I skyped her yesterday about 7:30 PM. As I was praying, a vision of an army of angels were on their way to Dominica, so I posted that on facebook. I am not ashamed of my God. Reading this story gave me a boost. I have got to keep praying. Thank you for posting this story about Rick and Mike, please pray for my daughter, Meredith.

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