When I think about the success of Summit Student Ministry, the thing I think about more than anything is our leaders (See photo, a few of our leaders at a MS event.) They are an army of brothers and sisters in Christ who are working hard towards seeing students come to faith in Christ and grow in their love of Him daily. To put it quite simply; this ministry would not exist without them. I love and cherish them. If you serve in Student Ministry, you know exactly what I am talking about.

When you care deeply about something, you take care of it. The same should be true of your leadership. Here are a few things I would suggest in regards to taking care of your leaders:

  1. Write Thank You’s: Time Consuming? No way. It takes just a few minutes of your day. You probably spend more time on facebook each day than it would to write 10 thank you notes. It’s a simple way to encourage them. Do not let this be optional.
  2. Spend Time With Them….outside of your scheduled ministry meeting. This doesn’t mean you have to plan a major hangout on a monthly basis. Start with meeting them one on one for coffee, lunch, shoot hoops, etc..
  3. Pray for them. Believe God on their behalf. As they are out on the frontlines week in and week out, let them know you’ve got’em covered in prayer.
  4. Serve alongside them and visit them in their ministry setting: Nobody likes a leader who barks out orders to everyone and then sits back and just watches. Get your hands dirty with them. Serve alongside them. Go to their small groups (Or Sunday School classes) and watch them do their magic during the week(end.) Support them by being there for them.
I love the leadership God has given us here at The Summit. I’m blessed beyond words. I hope you feel the same way about your leaders.

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