“I believe the world is upon the threshold of a great religious revival, and I pray that I may be allowed to help bring this about. I beseech all those who confess Christ to ask Him today, upon their knees, if He has not some work for them to do now. He will lead them all as He has led us. He will make them pillars of smoke by day and pillars of fire by night to guide all men to Christ.”

– Evan Roberts, 1904

  • Evan was a key player in the Welsh Revival.
  • He was a College Student and Coal Miner
  • Roberts had a dream of the Gospel going forward to his generation, on the backs of young people!

I believe we are on that very same threshold in this generation. I believe that this could be the generation that ushers in the Kingdom. THIS is why I do student ministry. Lord, bend this generation for your glory and name sake.


To read more on the Welsh Revival , Other Great Revivals in History, or Evan Roberts, check out some of these great resources.



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