Last week, we unpacked a few mistakes I’ve made in our journey in being a Multi-Site Student Ministry. Today we continue.


Let’s just state the obvious: When we started doing Multi-Site Student ministry, I didn’t have a stinking clue what I was doing! Nowhere on my resume did it say Student Ministry Expert in a Multi-Site Church. The craziest it ever got for me in ministry in the beginning stages was if our church did a Contemporary and Traditional Worship service, added a Sunday School hour, or if we decided not to take our student to the same camp as we did the previous year! When I trusted God’s calling to The Summit Church, I never thought that I would end up overseeing a Multi-Site Student ministry, but now that I am…..I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

All of that to say is this: I walked into multi-site blind. I had no structure to implement (just a hunch!) and no systems to operate out of that directly related to Multi-Site. Yet, God was still gracious.

Here’s the thing; there are so many great resources out there that you do not have to walk into it blind. (Please know this, no system or structure ever replaces God’s grace and passion for His church, and no system will ever accomplish the mission of God in and of itself, but it helps get your people from one place to the next.) I believe whole heartedly that those resources aren’t books, but people. Ask around. Find out from guys who have been doing multi-site now for a few years. Here from them on mistakes they’ve made. Find out from them on how they’ve reached students with the gospel, discipled them well, and equipped them for living out the mission of God. The best resource you have is an email/text/phone call away. Learn from others.

Tomorrow, you’ll get to hear from a good friend of mine here on the blog who is doing multi-site student ministry very well out at Longhollow in Hendersonville, TN. Check back tomorrow for some great insight!


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