Yesterday we began a new mini-blog series on “Mistakes I’ve Made in Multi-Site Student Ministry.” Today, we continue my demise.

Mistake #2 Trying to Make All of Our Campus Gatherings Look the Same

The fact of the matter is this: When you become a mutli-site church/ministry, one of the goals is that the church would be contextualized to it’s city, or area of the city. Parts of our city are completely different than others. Some areas are a bit more organic than others, you know where all the kids drink soy lattes minus the latte (that’s just soy milk for you geniuses out there,) order produce from the local farmer, you know, those types of things. Other areas are a bit more redneck, where the kids go muddin on the weekends, listen to Jason Aldean and deer hunt or pick up road kill for their evening meal. Those two areas do not have to have  the same environment.

So now the question becomes this; What does stay the same at each campus in your student ministry gatherings?

Know what your purpose is and find the best way to accomplish it in each context.

That means that the ministry as a whole has a goal (a north start if you will) that it is trying to accomplish. But in the pursuit of that goal, allow your ministry at those campuses some freedom within a certain set of boundaries. Don’t feel like you have to spit out an exact replica of the ministry at all of your campuses.


ps: If you want to know what our Goal and Boundaries are, we’d be glad to send them to you.


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