If anyone is familiar with a space issue…it’s probably us here at The Summit. We’ve had to figure out ways to move people to other venues, offer more services, and create new spaces. But what if your “space issue” isn’t that it’s too small, but rather too big? That’s a real issue that needs to be addressed. Here are some thoughts:

  1. If the room you are meeting in is the only option, try your best to break it up a bit. Create a section for your time of music/teaching, a hang out/cafe area, a lounge, etc… Do whatever you can to break up the size of the room by creating many different environments inside of it.
  2. Is there another room you can meet in that is available that is better suited for your size group? A smaller room with more people in it creates more buzz. Plain and simple.
  3. Do you meet in the sanctuary/worship area/fellowship hall where there are already more chairs set up than you need? If the answer is YES, recruit a set up and tear down team and only set up what you need. As people begin filling up the chairs you have out, have someone ready to add more when it’s needed. Northcoast Church out in San Diego does that really well.

In essence, do what you can to keep the room from feeling “empty.” An empty room creates an empty feeling, which translates into your worship time.


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